Sacred Heart National School follows the CBSE Syllabus and the medium of instruction is English. The CBSE curriculum is designed keeping in mind the multidimensional child-centric approach. It is both interactive and experiential. We nurture children to be confident, self-sufficient, to have an independent thought process and a never-ending urge for learning.

We realize that a single method cannot suit everyone. Our educators select the best combination of various approaches according to the learning styles and needs of our students.

                  Primary School

Primary School would cover a period of five years - Grade I to V. Classes I and II follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, E.V.S., Mathematics as the core subjects.

Computer Science, Value education, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Taekwon-do, Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Aerobics and Yoga as essential support subjects.

Computer Aided Learning through Smart Class and various other activities form an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

 A period per week is allocated in the Time Table for Value Education as well as for Environmental Education. To encourage reading habits Library period is provided and a well furnished School Library is also maintained.

From Class IV onwards, the school offers the students the choice to learn any one of the four languages- Sanskrit, German, French and Spanish as optional Language.

                                                 Middle & Secondary School

At this stage, the students have already stepped or are about to step into adolescence. Therefore, various important factors need to be considered while mentoring students at this stage. The Mentors transform themselves into friends from guides.

To prepare the students in academics, our qualified and dedicated faculty provide and ensure stimulating and conducive classroom experience. Teachers, students and parents continue to be partners in the learning process as they explore and make connections across subjects, develop critical thinking and apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

Field trips, experiential learning, projects, group activities are the tried and tested methods of teaching and learning programs also in our institution.



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